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*According to Imam Mahdi we are living in the era of dialogue in which he will openly prove his case to the people with the help of God and the true explanatory statements of the Quran.

Water is the secret of life, and the central planet earth is the only one that carries water

Imam Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni

16 - 01 - 1438 AH
17 - 10 - 2016 AD
07:20 am

Water is the secret of life, and the central planet earth is the only one that carries water among the enlightening planets and the thermal luminous planets

In the name of Allah the All Merciful, the Most Merciful, prayer of forgiveness and peace be upon Mohammad messenger of Allah and all the believers among the former ones and among the later ones till Judgement day, after this..

Allah’s peace, mercy and His blessings be upon you my beloved best foremost supporters, I see some of you argue about tunnels of other planets in order to prove a tunnel in the earth has life in it, then the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni replies to you and I say: it is not important the similarity of the planets in its night and the daylight of it, and the roundness of it in fact the important to us is the presence of life, so is it if Allah get away the water from your earth, do you see a continuation of life, so definitely the plants die and the land that has no water in it becomes dead as like the other planets dead out of life.

Planets divides into luminous planets (glow light) and enlightening planets (reflect light) despite the similarity of it in spherical and roundness with difference of its size and the speed if its rotation, but the difference is big between the light and the glow, is it equal the light of the moon and the glow of the sun in spite the similarity of them in the globing? But the difference is big in the size and in the planet itself for the fact the glowing planets are fiery while the enlightening planets are reflecting the light of the glowing planets.

As in regard of the seas and rivers surely there is no existence for it in the planets (that reflect) light altogether except the mother planet earth which carries the seas, rivers and springs, and yes there is common for the presence of life on mother earth because of the sun’s proximity that evaporates the seas then forms into heavy clouds filled with the steam and the steam condenses into cool water or icy snow, and that goes back to the speed of winds which drives the clouds and the snow goes back to thickness of the clouds and its accumulation, verily the water in it may change into mountains of hail then it transform into chastisement afflicting with it whom He pleases and turning it away from whom He pleases. But the mini-drops of hail there is no danger from it for the humans, but if rain transformed into mountains of hail verily that is deadly chastisement and becomes deadly evil rain, to the fact the mountainous (hail) will reach to ground as big killer shrapnel, were it not for Allah’s mercy for His servants and His wildlife-land creatures.

In any case, by Allah I do not find in Allah’s Book the grand Quran any planet carries the salty and the fresh-sweet water, also the rain and trees except planet earth the mother solid-mass center of the universe space which He brought forth from it its water and its pasture, and there is life in its exterior and the interior of it. As for the other planets surely you would not see the bodies of the salty and the fresh-sweet water on its surface, and you do not see the forests of trees, and neither you see humans nor any living creature walks on the surface of any planet in space except mother earth the center of the universe. And we know the most certain knowledge in this scientific fact through the symbol of water to the mother planet earth in the Book, that’s the planet of the (original) mass on which you live; in fact though its surface where there is no presence for water you do not find life and castles as the massive sandy deserts which does not hold water nor sprout-forth pastures, and that goes back to the kind of trains of the desert and the its top-soil to the fact some of it that sprout-forth the eatable-plants if it got saturated with rain so you would see it holds the evergreen trees in it more than the valleys with bushes, and that is not because of nearness of water, in fact its water became sunk-down deep, and the only reason that the trees remains green because the wind brings the hard soil so it would be a dusty-dirt layer on top of the soil of vegetation which protects the vegetative soil from the heat of the sun for a longer time than the valleys and mountains, and know that the inhabitants of the outskirts of desserts and they are the ever-moving nomads.

Any way so we do not get out of the subject, we say: the proof of life is not the presence of a tunnel in the planets; in fact the presence of water. For that you see from space the color of mother earth blue because of its great seas (oceans) but the other planets there is no seas and rivers in it. So let not those who follow conjecture from the astrologists of space (astronomers / space scientists) so whatever they spoke of Truth we find it with Truth in the Book like with what they speak from the True science, and whatever of their knowledge violated the Quran then it is false and words with conjecture from themselves, and conjecture does not avail a thing against the Truth. Verily so much they claimed the presence of water on the moon and a world of the ancient time until when they reached to it they did not find a thing in it! Thus Mars, they claimed that there is in it seas and rivers then their space probes did not find a thing in it! Surely how much costs them to the reach to the knowledge of that fact? Billions of dollars!! And if they only listened to the possessor of the knowledge of the Book he would have given them fatwa with the real Truth upon the actual reality, no doubt nor suspicion, with Allah’s permission and it is not just mere words with conjecture that does not avail a thing against the Truth.

As for the Muslims, unfortunately, lo and behold some among them who still believe in the nonsense of the interpreters about the horns of whom they say against Allah what they do not know that the earth is upon a horn of bull! And they notoriously exposed themselves and their nation of whom they follow them the blind following, then they say: “That is the saying of our former scholars, and they are more knowledgeable and wiser”. Those are as cattle; in fact the are more astray (farther away) from the path (of Truth), and (they are) shame and disgrace upon their nation, and they hindered (others) from the grand Quran because of their words against Allah of what they do not know, the fact that the disbelievers think that those believe in what is said in the Quran so it increased disbelief to the disbelievers in it although their explanation from themselves and they did not deduce it from the word of their Lord in the grand Quran, and who is more truthful in word than Allah?

Indeed by Allah Who there is no God other than Him, all the disbelievers and the atheists can not disable the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni a thing with the science and logic that we deduce it to them from the decisive grand Quran, but unfortunately scholars the Muslims holding fast with explanations and hearsay of those who say against Allah what they do not know lead themselves astray and mislead their nation from the cattle who do not think with their brains; in fact they say: “If our scholars believed the knowledge of Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni and they acknowledge his knowledge and believed that he is the Awaited Mahdi then we would believe Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni and follow him, and if they belied him then we would belie him”. Then the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni replies to them and I say: I swear by Who drove the clouds with the winds, and He did not drive it with the angels as they claim in their falsely forged explanations of theirs against Allah of what they do not know, if the worlds only follow me we would have taught them with what Allah encompassed them knowledge with it then we increase them lots of knowledge with what they did not know, verily your scholars would never avail (a thing) against you (from Allah) O community of Muslims the cattle who turn away from the call of the True Imam from their Lord; the selected from Lord of the worlds, and Allah did not make you to select His khalifa on earth besides Him, Allah would fight you how you are turned away! Surely from you the sedition came out and your nation divided into parties and some of them smite the necks of others, turning away from the call to resort for judgement to Allah’s Book the grand Quran and the True sunna of His messenger, by Allah surely they are neither according to Allah’s Book nor the True sunna of His messenger; in fact they hold fast with laws of the accursed-outcast satan and thy bit on it with the back-teeth until they see the painful chastisement, then they would say: {Our Lord, remove from us the chastisement — surely we are believers.} [Al-Dukhãn] 44:12

Indeed by Allah, in this Quran is your news and those who were before you and the announcement to who (would come) after you, don’t you see that the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni writes to you the newscast before (the occurrence) of the event with clear verses, evident signs and decisive verses and detailed messages (from the Quran) and I know from Allah what you do not know… For that you find the explanatory-statements of the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni are newscast before its occurrence upon the actuality and before you hear it on the news channels.And were it not that the parties accuses me unjustly and falsely being bias while others get angry so they would harm my supporters in various regions I would have explained to you with Allah’s permission everything in details until you see as if this Quran is descending today into your hearts, despite that you know that it has been sent before more than a thousand and four hundred and forty years, and we will prove with the manifest proof the foolishness and blindness of scholars of the Muslims who they think of themselves scholars; in fact they are companions of the blind following.

Verily by Allah if you were still upon the guidance then Allah would not have sent the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni to guide you after your misguidance but you want an Awaited Mahdi following your desires, far from, very far! By Lord of the earth and heavens we are lenient towards you small brains and your short view and I keep quiet about things so you claim that I follow you for a while then we shatter it fully with the decisive grand Quran with Allah’s permission Lord of the worlds, glory be to my Lord I have no knowledge except what He taught me indeed my Lord is upon a straight path, to whom he desires to find guidance to the path of the All Mighty, the Praised One, let him hold fast by the True explanatory-statement for the glorious Quran; with True explanatory-statement for the Quran by the Quran and not by new Quran.

I ask Allah to witness that you should not accept from Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni a new word that Allah did not say it in the decisive grand Quran, a condition upon us, not to be belied, that the explanatory-statement for the Quran to be clear as the clearness of the sun in the sky for scholars of the nation and their common ones (average people), none would deny it except the blind or an accursed-outcast satan that it cleared to him it is the Truth due to the authority of the bridling knowledge from the decisive grand Quran, then pride carried him off with sin, surely hell is sufficient for him. Indeed Allah’s curse upon every accursed-outcast satan knew the Truth so he deviated from it then Allah caused their hearts to deviate and cursed them with their disbelief in what they are believing in it, and the (good) end is for the dutiful ones who have not desire to exalt (themselves) in the earth neither mischief making (corruption) nor spilling blood unjustly.

Say: wait, then; I am too with you of those who wait, and peace be upon the messengers, and praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds

Allah’s khalifa and His servant; the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni

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